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Condensation Control

Condensation Control

We provide positive ventilation solutions to condensation and damp problems. We only supply and fit the best systems on the market; priding ourselves on our experience and expertise over 33 years of installing such systems. We offer a variety of specific solutions including:

Passive sleeved vents
Passive core vents
Positive ventilation systems
Wall mounted vent systems
Loft mounted vent systems
Mould control solutions
Anti-fungal paints
Our solutions are inexpensive, energy efficient and can ventilate your whole home. We will ensure that musty odour is removed, mould is eradicated and that air quality is increased.

Positive ventilation is always energy efficient, ensuring that maintaining systems is also inexpensive.
We also offer Passive Ventilation and have been working with pacifier vents for the last 20 years. These units are great for dealing with low level condensation.

If you want to find what solution fits you best or have any queries, please call us on:  07703 256796